Saturday, October 18, 2014

And here we are 9 months later

Mike sheds weight. B rocks in white. 

Temporary elation/exhaustion since baptism took place during her regularly scheduled morning nap

 The homestead - 34 years strong

The Judge Ben Wiles

Lacy & JP get hitched. I drink my weight in Magic Hat.

We have a 9 month old! And We live in Dallas! We're all caught up.  

There is so much I'm trying to hold onto. Four weeks ago she started waving.  It felt so momentous.  She loves to wave. She waves backwards at herself. Twists her hands all around. The switch really flipped around 6 months, all of sudden, overnight/eye-blink, she was acutely aware.  Of us, of lights, kitty, strangers.  Screamed at bedtime, sobbed for 20 minutes before falling asleep.  My sweet little baby has become toddler-esk.  She throws things, bats at objects she doesn't want.  She is wily and untamed. She prefers to stand.  Shimmies around the house crawling at breakneck speed.  Yelps and screams at the top of her lungs.  Loves bath time, hates when bath time ends. She has her first cold, coughs like crazy and it literally hurts, deep down in my bones when I hear her cough in her sleep.  Strangers always remark how beautiful she is, her long eyelashes, her sweet demeanor.  My heart is in a constant state of bursting. 

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