Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Around and About

It's been particularly rainy and cool here.  The fog and ocean air make me think of the very tips of the Canadian border towns in the Northeast and Northwest.  It's not so bad to give up sun for a few days.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

in my head

Bits that are whirling around in my head of late.

Dreaming of motorbikes and design. This article makes me want a custom bike and be best friends with these creatives.

This blog is stark and lovely.

An evening with Grace Coddington? Why that sounds delightful, count me in.

These will make RAD gifts because they have actual purpose! Thanks, Cool Hunting for the hint.

I'm selling these stunners on eBay as I bought the wrong size, but boy they look good.

The photo I snuck-took when I visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.  Bruce Davidson's street photography is raw and cutting and will latch onto you. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

boots I bought and love

I think boots are the best. I wear them year around (which you can really say about any piece of clothing in LA) but I feel they are the best investment. Plus no one will no you're 3 weeks late on that pedicure.  I found the Rag & Bone Newburry's on eBay for $280.  They run very large in my opinion and/or I'm beginning to sense there is some vanity sizing thing happening in the shoe department.  I have steadily been making my way down from a 37 to a 36.5 and now a 36. So, cheers to small fair feet!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

thank you for shopping

I have come off the rails.  My internet shopping spree is mostly fueled by motivation to snatch the most discounted of discounts on items I have been eyeballing through Fall 2012.  It's just an added bonus when I can actually manage to find gift items as well, because let's be frank, we online shop for ourselves, right? Dear god I hope I'm not alone on this one because I'm desperately trying to ignore-away the guilt monster sitting in the corner and I need to know I'm in the company of other internet shopping obsessors. In rapid succession I managed to grab the Alexander Wang Cato wedge boot from Net-A-Porter for 50% off, Chanel eye cream from Saks (they gave me $25 gift card for my $100 beauty purchase + it's a gift!), much needed 6" salad plates from Crate & Barrel plus some bangin' brass candlestick holders and a full sweep of ASOS (or a-sauce as my friend says) allowed me to grab 30% off a trunk load of shirts for the dude and a few pieces for myself, notably Le Catch's leather sleeve embroidered top.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

From There to Here

short hair don't care

Summer setting on Skaneateles Lake


learning things at Create and Cultivate

 wee! ciao!

 Marie Nail obsession

 a lovely romantic wedding in the desert

a new niece!

It's been seasons of change.  I started a new job (from finance to jewelry), I chopped off my hair (thank you Amanda at Arrojo), a dear childhood friend got married, I traveled to Montauk and stayed at the enchanting Ruschmeyers where I crafted, learned, ate and drank.  I traded in our golden nugget (a 1980 diesel Mercedes) for tiny, Italian hot wheels which I totally adore.  I have become addicted to nail art. One of my dearest childhood friends was married in the sweetest ceremony on a ranch in the desert (the groom sang Dylan) and we welcomed a new niece into the family. Well, it only took me 6 months to wade through all of that and get back on the interwebs and I'm so happy to be back :)

Monday, June 04, 2012

Top V

Today from around the interwebs these are my top 5 best finds/want to buy but trying my damndest to practice restraint.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Packing Up

I have this terrific friend - let's call her Jill - who has the ability to forsake the mundane necessities (umbrella's, carry on luggage to name a few) and seek out creative, beautiful alternatives.  On her last trip to LA I just about stole her carry on.  It was love and gasp at first sight.  Steamline Luggage is just about the sweetest looking mini trunk for you're fantastical weekend jaunts.  It's surprisingly compact and fits enough for a long weekend away.  I tossed in a few more pics from her visit which involved the very cool 140 Maison Hotel in Beverly Hills, brunch at Cooks County - whose server staff get's an A+ for the striped apron uniforms and drinks at Casa Del Mar. 

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The House of Charlotte

On the list of my most favorite activities, I would have to say home-peeping has got to be at the top.  I get to see a lot of off the hook homes here in LA, as my man is a realtor, but it's not often that I get the chance to preview homes whose owners are kick ass designers and whose great taste I can only attempt to mimic.  And then let me photograph will nilly. Charlotte Bjornlin D'Elia is in fact my husband's Aunt, so yes, technically we're family - full disclosure here! She and my husband's late uncle resided in Santa Monica Canyon - a tiny enclave nestled between the slopes of Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades. During my last visit I had the chance to preview her jewelry, an array of gilded round gemstones, pave diamond encrusted necklaces, and handmade chunky, silver chains.  Besides her amazing talents, their home is full of ooh-ahhh worthy artwork (big guns like Picasso and Chagall), vintage pieces (like the Good Year sign) and Swedish ephemera.  So, like the photo-snapper-stalker that I am, I couldn't help but capture a few pics of their unique homestead. You can see Charlotte's full line of jewelry here.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thrifting Gold

<vintage velour leopard print top a $8 and vintage St. John's sweater dress $13>

 Santa Monica Main Street has a few spot on shops that I continually hit for amazing pieces.  My most beloved is St. Matthews Thrift.  One, because it's 2 blocks from my house and two because it's much more manageable than a giant box Goodwill.  Its also has some of the most choice pieces - vintage accessories, dresses, dinnerware, and out of print books.  Like any thrift store, you must be patience and willing.  But there is gold if you're willing to look.  I've scored Marni, Christian LaCroix and Dolce and Gabana at insanely rock bottom prices.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning Glory

My go to morning breakfast: cooked brown rice, dried berries, slivered almonds, cinnamon and coconut milk. All neatly packed in a preserves jar. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ode to Old Navy

<Tie front hem blouse in poppy, vintage crew neck tee, jersey stretch tank, waffle neck sweater>

Oh sweet, cheesy Old Navy. I'll admit I'm a sucker for a coupon and Old Navy is like the crack to retail-mommy couponers. And now me.  When I saw the ad for 30% off my entire online order, I just went for it. Here are four items I've purchase in the last week which have become the truest, dearest staples for LA living.  I wore the bright poppy orange tie front blouse through an entire weekend.  From brunch to shopping to a friends birthday party.  And then I went and bought it in bright cobalt blue.  'Cause it's that good. It's sexy and laid back.  The distressed tee and tank are no brainers at $10 each.  This waffle sweater is part Vince, part A. Wang.  I bought it in the off white and it's slouchly lovely.  Just the right weight to wear alone, no jacket or warm weather accessories needed.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Italian Beachside Weekend

This weekend was simply divine.  We had family in town so we took advantage of their hotel amenities and kicked it poolside at Shutters.  While it's on the pricey side for hotels in Santa Monica, it's a perfect marriage of East Coast Cape-Codness and SoCal beachy.  We hit Ado for our Italian family dinner (you truly feel like you're in Italy, the waiters all speak Italian and the table service is impeccable - if you're trying to impress, take 'em here!) and the Farmers Market for Sunday Brunch.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretty Underthings

My bralette obsession continues. I won these beauties on eBay where shopping = winning! All for > $20.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Pictures

<Saturday brunch at Omlete Parlor, The Flower Truck, Kitty loves Juliet Roses>

Thank you Santa Ana's for making this weekend hot and sunny. Even after watching this, I still can't help saying "can you believe it's January???!" But seriously, it is and it's fabulous. We stuck to our zip code all weekend, which is sort of against my mantra for 2012, eating brunch outside, buying fresh flowers, and soaking up vitamin D. Here's to a lovely week ahead.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kneedful Things

I unabashedly adore bread.  It is the ultimate comfort food.  When I was home for Christmas my Dad made no-rise bread with honey butter. I devoured it.  I could have eaten the entire loaf.  But I was always skeptical about making it.  Yes on the surface is appears so simple, but simple is just another word for really damn hard. The yeast, faulty oven temperatures, rising, it scared me off .  Like a lot things that involve spending copious amounts of time in the kitchen.  However, after our dear friends made homemade pizza for us last weekend I decided I needed to tackle it.  I lover of bread, must master it.  So voila! I made breakfast pizza on Sunday. From this recipe.  Thanks God Oprah!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Pictures

 <Zinque , tune nicoise tartine, breakfast sammy, cap, venice beach>

Moments from the weekend.  Most important being my new midi ear piercing.  Following the midi-ring craze I fell for the mid lobe piercing.  I was like a amped up 16 year old on the Venice boardwalk dragging M into the tatoo/piercing shop.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midi Ring

 <little hands ring on my middle and stars on my ring finger>

Prior to my shopping hiatus pledge I treated myself to these amazingly delicate, silver above the knuckle ring or "midi ring".  I'm enamored with the hammer.  Thanks to Kriya and her patience as I tried to size the portion between my knuckle and nail. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping Hiatus

<my overfed baby closet>

I just did laundry.  And while I loathe it tremendously, it served it purpose by highlighting just how out of touch I am with the parameters of my closet. There were dirty items that I had completely forgotten about.  Grey jeans - ooooh I missed those! James Perse over priced white tee? I misssed you too! So, clearly, I can live without these things.  So I will not be purchasing any clothing pieces, shoes, accessories, bags, etc for as long as I can stand it.  My biggest hurdle is my office location.  In the middle of SaMo shopping mecca - The Promenade, Santa Monica Place, Fred Segal, Wasteland and my ultimate drug, the Goodwill.  I've given myself a caveat that yes, I can still frequent the Goodwill but I can only purchase something if it takes my breath away/makes my jaw drop and I feel that it is an investment - something I cherish and will wear often.  I've got to give credit to Rachel of heart of light for the inspiration.  May the force be with me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Bounty

I find farmers markets daunting.  In California they're a force to be reckoned with.  But I love them all the same and in the past was always sort of timid and meek amongst the hoards of people and overspilling crates of produce.  Today I found my voice and just went for everything I wanted.  I was a vegetable hoarder and an agro consumer.  Love thy farmer.