Saturday, December 01, 2012

thank you for shopping

I have come off the rails.  My internet shopping spree is mostly fueled by motivation to snatch the most discounted of discounts on items I have been eyeballing through Fall 2012.  It's just an added bonus when I can actually manage to find gift items as well, because let's be frank, we online shop for ourselves, right? Dear god I hope I'm not alone on this one because I'm desperately trying to ignore-away the guilt monster sitting in the corner and I need to know I'm in the company of other internet shopping obsessors. In rapid succession I managed to grab the Alexander Wang Cato wedge boot from Net-A-Porter for 50% off, Chanel eye cream from Saks (they gave me $25 gift card for my $100 beauty purchase + it's a gift!), much needed 6" salad plates from Crate & Barrel plus some bangin' brass candlestick holders and a full sweep of ASOS (or a-sauce as my friend says) allowed me to grab 30% off a trunk load of shirts for the dude and a few pieces for myself, notably Le Catch's leather sleeve embroidered top.

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