Thursday, January 05, 2012

vegas !!

In March M & I have a week long trip with his family.  I initially balked at the idea of spending that much time in a destination where I've only barely survived for 72 hours on 2 separate female only trips. But I've had a serious warming to sin city now that I've had time to contemplate outfit options and rev up my excitement via consumerism.   If you're ever not looking forward to a trip, start planning your wardrobe, all of a sudden Cleveland OH is a back drop to show off your sartorial talents. Back to SIN! Vegas is so decadent and unapologetic.  I'm already scouting pieces that I feel are "sooooo Vegas".  Like now when I see red and black leopard sequin leggins in F21 my brain picks up on the scent like a hound to a fox.  I do that head tilt and the back step, all ooh la la-ing over some gaudy ass disposable clothing.  But dear god it's fun and I'm thoroughly looking forward to dancing, gambling, cocktailing and Sharon Stoning all over that wild city.  I've even contemplated the short blond eighties crop.  It would be so good for the pictures.  And really, isn't that what it's all about?

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